Ideas for Kids Birthday Party Invitations

Some of our best memories from childhood are from our birthday parties. Times spent bouncing in bounce houses, eating birthday cake, and playing tag. Now it’s time for your child’s birthday and you want to give them the best birthday party in Westminster, MD. But before they can have the best party, they need some party guests, and in order to get some guests you need to send out some invitations. You don’t want to send out just any boring old invitation, so we wanted to take some time today to give you some ideas for your child’s birthday party invitations.

childrens birthday party fun

Include a Secret Code

One fun thing you can do on your invitations is include a secret code. This can be a scavenger hunt, a treasure hunt, or a riddle of some kind. You won’t want to make it too difficult, but this can be a fun way to get your child’s friends excited for their party.

Decorate Your Cards

You can start with a standard invitation card, but you don’t want to just send out a boring plain card right? Decorate it with some stickers, glitter, buttons, yarn, or anything else that makes the card stand out. You want your party to stand out from all of the other birthday parties in Westminster, MD.

Send Out Edible Announcements

Kids love snacks, adults love snacks, everyone loves snacks. Why not include a snack in your invitation! Some of our favorites to send are animal crackers or Cracker Jacks. All you need to do is attach a little card to the boxes or bags. These invitations may be better off to hand out in person though, as the postage could become quite costly.

Ticket Please

Another cute idea is to make your invitations look like movie or concert tickets. Then all of the party guests feel like they’re going to a real popular event. Ticket entitles the owner to entry as well as a goodie bag, birthday cake, and loads of fun!

Let Us Help Give Your Child the Best Westminster, MD Birthday Party Possible

Here at Players Fun Zone, we’re in the party business. We live and breathe children’s birthdays, and we know we can help you out. When you work with us we will do everything in our power to make sure this is the most fun and exciting birthday party in Westminster, MD. We offer a variety of party packages that suit different party sizes and feature different activities. Give us a call today and let us help you with your child’s party.