Birthday Party Planning Guide

One of our fondest memories of childhood is our birthday parties. Remember how you felt on those days? Playing games with all of your old friends, blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, jumping in a moon-bounce, all good times. You want your children to have the same exciting birthday experience.

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Here at Players Fun Zone, we’ve been providing kids with great Westminster birthday party experiences for years, and we’ve helped plan many parties too. We wanted to take some time today to talk about how you can give your kid the best birthday party possible.

Make Planning Easy On Yourself

Planning your kid’s party can be as stressful for you as it is fun for them. You can relieve some of this stress when you work with Players Fun Zone. We offer a variety of affordable packages that make planning a breeze. You won’t need to worry about activities for the kids as there’s plenty for them to do at the Fun Zone, including: bumper cars, inflatables, laser tag, mini-glo-golf, and an arcade. No matter how many kids will be in attendance, or which activities they want to do, we have a package for you.

You won’t even need to worry about food and drinks for the party, we’ve got it covered. Every package comes with 1 slice of pizza for each participant, pitchers of fountain drinks, as well as place settings, cups, utensils, and tablecloths. And if you need anything else you’ve got some help. Every package comes with a personal party coordinator, who will help to make sure your Westminster birthday party is one of the best ever.

Get the Right Cake

In what might be a rival to the age-old Coke vs. Pepsi question, which type of cake do you prefer? Vanilla or chocolate? They’re both great options and you really can’t go wrong with either, some cakes you can even get half and half.

You should also consider what theme the cake should be, or if you even want a theme. Most bakeries offer a number of different designs featuring prominent children’s characters. Characters like Spongebob, Batman, Spiderman, Dorah the Explorer, and many others.

Know Who to Invite

One of the toughest decisions when it comes to planning your child’s Westminster birthday party is deciding how many kids to invite. Many parents will opt to invite their child’s entire class, but maybe you don’t want so many kids. If you’d like to have a smaller party then you could also limit it to just family and a couple of close friends. Just be cautious not to hurt anyone’s feelings by not inviting them.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Westminster Birthday Party

When you work with Players Fun Zone, you’re working with the best. We love seeing the smile on a child’s face, and we’ve seen a number of them over the years, let us put one on yours! If you have questions regarding our Westminster birthday party services, or any inquiries at all, give us a call! Our team of party planners is standing by ready to help however they can.