Let’s Get Active at Players Fun Zone!

We all know that physical activity is important for our health . It can help us combat stress, get better sleep, learn social skills, and even strengthen our hearts. The earlier in life that we start incorporating regular physical activity into our lives, the better. When you get your kids engaged in play, the benefits are endless. Here’s how you can make that happen here at Players Fun Zone.

A child bouncing in a moon bounce.

Jump Around in our Inflatables

For the younger kids, hopping and jumping in our inflatables is a great way to get active. Jumping is a great aerobic workout that gets the blood pumping and works a variety of muscle groups. Aerobic exercise is essential for building endurance, promoting a healthy heart, and strengthening the lungs. Bouncing around is also great for kids that don’t want to engage in competitive activities; they can just have fun.

Laser Tag is Exercise for Your Body and Mind

For kids (and adults) looking for an added challenge, laser tag is the way to go. Not only will you benefit from the physical activity of stalking the enemy team, you’ll also get a bit of a mental workout as well. The tactics involved in overcoming the challenges presented in the laser tag arena will get those mental wheels turning and putting your strategies into place will even improve your improvisational skills.

Build Your Team in the Batting Cages

Like almost all sports, there are many skills that you can improve in our batting cages. Improving hand eye coordination is only the beginning. Your kids will also work on their batting power and the precision with which they hit the ball. This can be invaluable for kids of all ages, even if they’re not interested in joining a baseball team. Play of all kinds will give your kids the kind of confidence they need to succeed in all areas of their lives.

Come play at Players Fun Zone!

Batting cages, inflatables, and laser tag are only the beginning of the kind of fun you and your kids can have at Players Fun Zone. We have the best variety of attractions in Westminster, Maryland and we’d love for you to come and try them all! We can also help with any birthday parties coming up, so contact us today for more information. We’d love to show you the difference we can make for your child’s birthday. See you soon!